Types of Outdoor Signage We See

We are surrounded by signage in everywhere we go, from outside buildings to in hotel signage signs. The romans have invented the very first signage that were made using stones to make milestones on roads. Signage are effective marketing and advertising methods that are cost effective and are purposeful to bring your brand or product out there. With new technology in design and marketing, and evolution of the now normal standard digital signages, there are so many types of outdoor signs we see in our daily life.

One of the popular types of outdoor signage is the A-frame. This is considered a classic in signage as it usually seen in front of a restaurant or bistro, and other neighbourhood establishments. This signage is usually used to market your by highlighting your service or your product. And it is considered one of the inexpensive signages out there. ‘

Another type of outdoor signage is the backlit signage. This signage uses backlight on your signage with the use of lighting. It is one of the pricier options but it can be a very good investment as it can increase the visibility of your sign to the customers, all day and all night long.

Electronic or digital signages is also a good type of outdoor signage. It sign board is definitely one of the most expensive types but it can be very good as a long term investment as labour cost and designing costs can be lowered. With the use of this sign, you can just change the signage with usage of apps or software to the signage itself.

Another type if the channel letter signage. This is for a crisp or a professional looking establishments. This signage also gives off the 3D lettering which is great for store name or building signages. Added on with lighting, this is one of the most used types of signage so contact any signboard malaysia today to get yours completed since there is room for improvement always!

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