How To Get Halal Food In Sabah

Looking for halal food in Sabah?

A few years ago, I encountered a person who said to me that it is difficult to get halal food in Sabah. It is not that shocking because many of the Sabah citizens is non-muslim. Besides, the city usually received a lot of tourists was Kota Kinabalu, where most of the citizen are Christians. So, it is understandable if he was thinking that way.

If you are planning to visit Sabah in the future and halal food is the problems you encountered, here are the things you can try:

Halal Food In Sabah

1. ‘We Serve No Pork’ sign does not mean halal restaurant.
This thing is common in Sabah, and I assure you, this is not a halal restaurant. The reason is, they did not serve pork in the menu, but some if not most of the food contains non-halal ingredients such as alcohol. This sign usually put in the non-muslim restaurant who intended to attract customers from different races, and religions.

2. Not all the Chinese or local restaurant are non-halal
Some are serving halal food because the restaurant owner is a Muslim. To identify this, first, look at the staff. If most of the staff are Muslim, then there is a possibility that the restaurant is halal. You may also try to spot the halal logo in the restaurant, and if you found it, then it is a halal restaurant.

3. Most of the hotel restaurant are serving halal food
To attract many tourists coming to the hotel or resort, many are serving halal food.

4. Halal food in the night market
When tourists visit Sabah, night market are the main options to find food. Aside from affordable, it provides plenty of halal food as well because most of the business owners are Muslim people. One of the top places to find cheap halal food is the Handicraft Market / Pasar Filipina.

5. Franchise restaurant chain.
If it is challenging to find halal food in Kota Kinabalu, you can go to the restaurant chains. Such as McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and many more. The easiest way to locate these restaurants was inside the mall.

In conclusion, finding halal food in a place that you did not familiar is quite hard. However, I believe if you keep digging and searching, you will find halal restaurant. Same goes to the things when you try to find halal food in Singapore; you have to trust frozen food Singapore.

You can watch the difference between fresh and frozen food here:

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