Five teams need to build up for an E-commerce Business

To maintain a good E-commerce business in Malaysia It’s very important to create the management teams which include five most effective team like finance team, marketing team, HR team, E-commerce team or product delivery team, customer service team and product design or technological team. The team descriptions are described below:

Finance & Accounts Team

This team maintains all the financial process. The way of dealing budget, making a plan with the team to maintain and also about the monthly accounting all manage by this business team. The head of finance and accounts team head are dealing all about money connected affairs.

HR Team

The HR team responsibility to make the standard coordination between the organization stuffs as if they’re organizations most valued quality. The HR team engages in all other departmental work to maintain them and also give the direction about team coordination and deal with other companies.

E-commerce Team

The E-commerce team works closely across the HR team. Though they give services to the customer about giving the nearby option. If there is any problem occurred the team there will be the immediate backup to provide the best comfortable service to the customer.

Customer Support Team and Marketing Team

The customer support team works day and night. The team answers to each and every query that goes through two wheels Facebook page and the application. To keep the service quality efficient and Streamlined, the team has a dedicated coordinator who works closely with their team among the riders and provides them with the necessary support room.

Product Design Team and Tech Team

The product design team solve critical problems related to the designing phase of this application. The UX/UI designers analyze app usage problems and work closely with the marketing team. They are highly efficient at solving problems with efficient design. The team also need to maintain all the design phases. The team works round the clock and maintains the software and applications sign starting from starting to end.

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