Customer review On one of the biggest e-commerce site LAZADA

 E-Commerce Malaysia is a successful website on the off chance that it achieves the reason for which it has been made. In this section, we equitably observe the achievement of a genuine Website which gains too much in recent year in Malaysia. We observe Malaysia’s one of the largest E-commerce sites LAZADA.

On observing the website we got to know the main clients of them are woman’s especially the mothers double the sells. Most of the selling products are women and baby’s dresses or baby products or toys. Most of the bestselling is also from woman’s and child’s site. Also, teenagers doing an online shop because offline shops sometimes provide more price than online shops. Though there are more chances with the type of product quality or fakeness. But there are also benefits that do not need to go into the offline store. Most customers gives the product rating and reviews and most of the review is good. Though there are also bed reviews about quality or shipping. So basically LAZADA is one of the top e-commerce site in malaysia, there are many other sites like LAZADA SHOPEE, ZALORA, 11 STREET but LAZADA make a good position in recent year in online business. So after researching us also got to know LAZADA maintain the standard return policies also very loyally so the customer gets a fair service. So the basis of all the activities we can judge that LAZADA is one of the biggest E-commerce in Malaysia and they archive their success by maintaining customer relationship, customer’s satisfaction with loyalty, purity, and transparency. So by following all perspective of LAZADA It will be easy to run an E-Commerce in Malaysia by maintaining this few strategies and open the room for improvement.

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